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Oversee the process of sending and delivering electronic invoices to customers. Save time and minimize costs through automation of the labour-intensive process of manually sending documents. At the end of each process, create a report
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    Very often documents issued in the financial accounting system even automatically, are "manually" sent by employees via electronic mail. This approach to handling processes primarily produces considerable costs associated with the working time.

    An additional problem is also the decentralised supervision of message sending and determination of the current status of all documents prepared to send. The introduction of the computer system allows you to eliminate these two drawbacks very easily.

    elliteq “e-Invoice delivery management” automatically downloads invoices in PDF format and sends them to specific Customers. The mechanism created for this activity will check whether an e-mail with an attachment has been properly sent and, if necessary, will send a particular document again.

    After the completion of the whole process, the User responsible for sending the e-invoices will receive a report detailing the documents that were sent with no problems and those which had to be address individually due to problems (e.g. failure to deliver, incorrect e-mail address, the Customer did not agree to receive invoices in electronic form, etc.).




  • Automating labour-intensive process of sending documents “manual” (saving time and cost minimisation)
  • Full supervision of the statuses of all documents
  • Forwarding only those documents which could not be sent to the service by the employee
  • Report with necessary information after each series of sending e-invoices
  • Possibility of personalising e-mail message content according to needs
  • Archive of e-invoices sent
 Zarządzanie wysyłką e-Faktur

The product includes:

  • Electronic archive of documents
  • Specialised profile card for sale e-Invoices
  • Configuration document allowing to “programme” the distribution procedures
  • Preparation for integration with sales and CRM systems
  • Integration with MS Outlook
  • Registration and access to the full log of event history

Who will benefit:

  • Sales department
  • Accounting department
  • Secretarial office


1. Capturing invoices (invoice data) from the financial accounting system
2. Identification of the client and downloading an e-mail from the database of contractors
3. Checking the permission for sending the invoices in electronic form
4. Preparing individual mail content and adding a PDF attachment with an invoice
5. Sending the message
6. Supervision of the status of delivery (repeating the attempt if necessary)
7. Creating a report
8. 8. Archiving of documents in the DMS archive


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