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Having an electronic document archive brings benefits such as quick access to the repository, controlled access to confidential documents. But with DMS’ advanced system, you can achieve a lot more
  • Think of how many documents are created in the company, how many people are involved in their creation. How many people view and accept them. And finally, who and what significant changes in the document are introduced.

    Use the documents template library to, mechanisms, and check-in and check-out to automatically reserve a document while editing it, and automatically create a new version. Note that without the specially modelled workflow process that would implement the cycle of document acceptance creation, you have knowledge about each user connected to the creation and the lifetime of the document. If any of the documents is key to a responsibility of yours – to send the same notification about version changes, status changes or the fact that a document has been read – “what, who, when”.

    Rarely is a document created in a company without any relation to other documents – order offer, invoice agreement, complaint certification, user manual of technology documentation, … - create references between any type of document, regardless of their location in the archive.

    And if you want to know the employee activity and involvement in the process of updating the documentation, use the sophisticated search and reporting mechanisms.



  • Insurance of uniform, approved standards of creating documents in the organization
  • Elimination of anonymity and unauthorized changes to documents
  • Detailed and easily accessible knowledge about “who, what, when” changes were made to the document
  • Instant and efficient notifications to the people affected by events associated with the document


The product contains:

  • Repository of document templates
  • PForm designer of document metadata, including glossaries of status, category, priority,…
  • Built-in mechanisms for check-in, check-out, and automatic versioning
  • Tools to build relationships between documents
  • Tools for simple and advanced document searches
  • Flexible “document trees” with the ability to construct their own structures of folders and search folders

Who benefits:

  • Organization department
  • Secretariat
  • Department of contracts/legal departments
  • Staff responsible for create business documents
  • Department of construction and technology

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