Valuation and offer processValuation and offer process

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If you are flooded with dozens of inquiries or requests about valuation, use the mechanisms dedicated to document indexing, the barcode system, and work flow procedures that ensure fast and accurate preparation of calculations or offers. Get a guaranteed optimally prepared offer. The calculation sent to the customer will always be created based on currently approved offer templates
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    If the estimators are given access to current price list which is appropriate for the query and contractor, you will gain a guarantee of an optimally prepared offer.

    Thanks to the system of registration of each event, the history log is created to track any event, any change in the status of queries including statuses conferred by the decision of your Customer. The flexibility of process paths provided by our product allows to incorporate and record the requests and decisions of your Customer in the process in response to the offer sent to them (e.g. a request for clarification, approvals, changes of decision). Your calculation sent to the Customer will always be created on the basis of the currently approved offer template.

    The culmination of the functionality of handling the process of the offer inquiry is the integration of: electronic mail, storage system (material indices), estimating applications, and CRM, to which the transfer of all necessary data, including history and all versions of calculation or image of the Request for proposal documentation will be implemented at the moment of obtaining the status indicating the success of the sale.



  • safe and non-volatile electronic archive of offer processes, storing relationships between items such as folders, documents, cases, users, for specific business events
  • quick response to the Customer’s queries thanks to having all information and tools "at hand" in one environment
  • certainty that the query is not unhandled or neglected through the mechanisms of substitutions and notifications
  • ensured calculation correctness
  • compliance of the documentation sent with current company- and market-specific standards
  • guarantee of sending the offer approved by the manager responsible for the value or subject matter of the offer
  • history of negotiations with the Customer
  • the history of the so-called precedents, i.e. the ways of executing unusual business events (what they were concerned with, for which Customer, who implemented them, who approved them, what methods were used, how much time it cost, what results were achieved)
  • automatic start of next workflow paths (e.g. for the selected offer, circulation "Supply Agreement", “Production Order", ...)
 Procesy wyceny i ofertowania

The product includes:

  • electronic archiving of documents scanned and received via e-mail
  • the possibility of using barcodes to for an unequivocal identification of the document and automating the implementation of the path of handling the case
  • Own document template repository
  • repository of all versions of documents (customer’s and own)
  • mechanisms allowing to build the structures of relationships between documents, cases, and tasks
  • predefined paths of case circulation (with an option of providing tools for independent modification of acceptance paths)
  • Simple and advanced search mechanisms of documents and cases
  • possibility of storing search queries resulting in a collection of dynamic reports and summaries
  • automatic e-mail notifications
  • registration and access to the full log of event history
  • possibility of writing comments, reviews and ratings thanks to advanced electronic “post-it notes" for documents and cases

Who will benefit:

  • commercial directors responsible for offer and sales processes
  • employees responsible for offers
  • Sellers and estimators
  • Marketing department employees (analysis of customer needs)

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