Do you also unnecessarily archive invoices in paper form?

All purchase and sales invoices can be stored in an electronic archive

In accordance with the law, without having to store them in a physical archive.

elektroniczne archiwum faktur


What do you gain?

elliteq Electronic invoice archive is an ideal tool for archiving paper invoices and e-invoices in electronic form. In a simple and secure way, you can locate and manage invoices without unnecessarily storing their paper form. You save time and avoid the cost of handling physical archives.

Our tool is supported by elliteq Full text Search - probably the most accurate full-text search on the market, thanks to which your documents will be even faster and more easily found by you, regardless of their format (jpg, scan, tiff, gif, bmp, pdf and much more ).


Reliability and functionality:

  • Insurance of the authenticity of the invoice origin,
  • Insurance of the integrity of the document content,
  • Document readability from the moment of issuance until the expiration of the limitation period of tax liability,
  • Saving time when prescribing data from invoices and their archives
  • Full, continuous and fast access to archived invoices,
  • Full control over archived accounting documents,
  • Convenient and easy to use archive of accounting documents,
  • Reduction of the time to access data from the registered invoices before they are posted,
  • Work in compliance with legal requirements,
  • elliteq Full Text Search (more).


elliteq Elliteq’s electronic invoice archive functions in accordance with the law, in particular with the polish Accounting Act of 29.09.1994. 


Good to know:

In accordance with the law, the source documents that form the basis of records in the accounting books can be stored in any form, provided that they can provide evidence of the business event, recognized on the basis of the accounting books.

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elliteq Electronic invoice archive  is a tool for solving the problem of physical archiving of all accounting documents, and significantly accelerating the search for documents by arbitrarily interpreted queries.

Electronic invoice archiveElectronic invoice archive

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Electronic invoice archive is a convenient and safe tool for all companies, regardless of their size. It allows easy access to all invoices, saving the search time, and minimizing the costs associated with unnecessary physical repository of accounting documents
  • elliteq electronic invoice archiveis a tool for solving the problem of physical archiving of all accounting documents, and significantly accelerating the search for documents by arbitrarily interpreted queries.



The product contains:

  • Secure document repository (archive server)
  • DMS application
  • Notification server
  • An OCR engine integrated with scanned document modules
  • Archives of all types of documents
  • Stored unique metadata for each document
  • The guarantee of secure information storage
  • The reduction of document storage space
  • The possibility of total archive management
  • The ability to arbitrarily create and store complex search queries
  • Any folder tree structure
  • Any file type storage
  • elliteq Full Text Search (more)

Who benefits:

  • Accounting
  • Chancellery/Secretariat
  • Controlling department
  • Chief accountant
  • Chief financial officer

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