Electronic document workflow

Better performance

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Electronic document workflow


The introduction of electronic flow of work (Workflow) is an excellent opportunity to reorganize the company; look at the processes taking place within it, their length, and to improve its management. A well-configured workflow will optimally manage branch offices regardless of their location on the globe. Improving company logistics, among other things, by monitoring key processes, such as handling offers and order inquiries, and the use of workflow to approve incoming invoices, streamlines the management of financial obligations of the company.


What do you gain?

Numerous benefits:

  • Elimination of improvisation in operation by arranging processes and sequences of tasks,
  • Improve productivity through access to relevant information and documents connected to the workflow,
  • Increasing the quality of work by systemizing repetitive processes,
  • Automatic time regime control and elimination of bottlenecks in the form of piled up tasks,
  • Workflow history registration and building a knowledge base on how to handle exceptions and precedents,
  • Reduce the time of implementation of new employees’ duties,
  • Reduce the time of implementation of new employees’ duties,
  • Elimination of delays due to the definition of replacements or alternative paths.

Professional workflow system:

elliteq FLOWer allows you to improve business management by streamlining and automating business processes. The module disposes of tasks and connected documents; it oversees their execution strictly within the deadline and processes defined. Thus it eliminates the risks typical of traditional ways of delegating commands. The system enables improvement of company organization, optimization of operations, and increases comfort and productivity.

Using elliteq FLOWer, you gain control of key processes in the company, their efficiency, and punctuality. Automate the flow of work and documents workflow and connected jobs, tasks, and employees.

Traditional methods of work can be inadequate, chaotic, and unreliable. Therefore, the best solution is elliteq FLOWer (Workflow). This module will help in the implementation of projects in accordance with approved procedures, effective use of resources, will provide reminders for cyclical tasks, obligations deadlines. elliteq FLOWer will also provide the user with some of the data necessary to make the right decision.


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Basic features


Flexibility to adapt elliteq FLOWer to the specifics of your processes

elliteq FLOWer gives you the advantage of flexibly controlling any workflow processes and connected documents. Use FLOWer to perform any variety of processes such as invoice approval and workflow, handling correspondence, making and acceptance of leave of absence requests, orders authorization, offer inquiries processing, complaint handling, and budgeting projects. Supervises the FLOWer document lifecycle, which requires, for example, the process of editing and accepting new contracts with the contractor. Gives process administrators graphical tools to modify the existing and model new Workflow processes.

Everything at your fingertips

FLOWer is equipped with an innovative mechanism for the creation and presentation of connections between any objects registered in the system, which allows you to have the contextual information necessary to quickly make the right decisions at your fingertips. Public and private functionality notes allow you to save authorized valuable observations and comments when searching for derogation or exception solutions , for example.

Detailed event logging

FLOWer collects and stores the complete history of workflow processes and connected documents, together with a chronological register of all the decisions made by everyone involved in the process. This guarantees precise control of the workflow process and the ease of identifying and eliminating bottlenecks or repeated errors.

History of workflow and control the implementation of tasks

With systemic grouping of workflows for each user (my current workflows, who handled them, who oversaw things) possible, it is very convenient to access and control the current status and the progress of the process which the employee is involved in. The employee can see who, when, in what sequence, what decisions were made on the basis of what data, and what connected workflows caused the process that he supervises. Advanced search process is an invaluable assistance in supervising the process, enabling storage of queries – it gives you the opportunity to create a dynamic collection of statistics and reports on the state of the business processes.

End downtime: Supports absence and substitutions

In the absence of the user that was assigned a workflow, elliteq FLOWer reacts automatically according to the defined substitutions scenario and refers the workflow to any other authorized person, eliminating the danger of delaying the process or creating bottlenecks/accumulating the cases of the absent employee. In some cases, you may be required to manually select the substitute, but the system always takes care of the security of access to shared information, thus verifying the level of authorization of the person selected as a locum.

And when the workflow is stalled? Automatic notifications

With the notification server, a component of the elliteq system, a person commissioned a task or supervising the process can be kept informed about deadlines for completion of the workflow as well as the status of the workflow, the employee’s actions, decisions made or the process downtime, for example. Such notifications are internal system messages or automatically generated emails with an appropriate message and a link to the workflow. Such notifications may be escalated if despite the notifications, the supervisor still does not change the status of the workflow, for example.


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