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Knowledge base about images of documents received

Plus intelligent reading of their content.


Intelligent character recognition

The standard is inputting 30 documents per hour.
Our system can accept more than 200 documents right now.


What do you gain?

Numerous benefits:

  • Auto construction of the intelligent document templates base,
  • Elimination of the keyboard from the document description process,
  • Auto finding the right content for the appropriate document metric fields,
  • Configurability of rules to read individual field indexes through the use of regular expressions or elimination of unnecessary characters.

Revolutionary indexing process:

elliteqRevolutionary elliteq FLEXer completes the indexing of scanned documents process. Thanks to the intelligent interpretation of OCRF and memorization skills, documents mapping, archiving documents and their metadata can be even more efficient.

Flexer is a tool that makes the process of indexing documents more comfortable, safe, and significantly less time consuming. FLEXer learns the details of the document creating the library, which it uses in successive runs of the document description process.


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Intelligent character recognition

Basic features


Collaboration with scanning applications

elliteqelliteq FLEXer integrates perfectly with the ScanPort module, making the process of scanning and automatic document describing become one coherent action performed on the selected document pages, regardless of its number of pages, or the page where the desired text is located.

The system learns! Auto indexing of the document!

The process of manually indexing documents has been revolutionized by elliteq FLEXer. When indexing the first document, all you would need is a mouse, not a keyboard. Any other documents that follow from the same sender or printed from the same application would not even require the use of the mouse. FLEXer learns, effectively helping in document recognition, and filling in the metric fields to make the indexing function fully automatic. The user only has to check for the description accuracy or supplement any data that is not contained in the document.

Automatic document recognition, the way to further optimize processes.

If FLEXer reads the document, it automatically eliminates the following user decision steps based on it. Example 1 – detection of document form, and the typical invoice content will trigger the appropriate Workflow process; if in addition to this, FLEXer finds the document’s order number, it starts the appropriate Workflow for handling invoices material; if it detects the word, “correction”, it finds the appropriate correction form, finds the workflow and links it to the corrected invoices. Example – if FLEXer does not find relevant data for the document or the data is wrong – workflow starts the “consultation” process for unusual events.


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