e-Document archive

e-archive is the safety and availability

of all documents

and cheap data storage


e-Document archive



What do you gain?

Numerous benefits:

  • The guarantee of safe storage of information,
  • Access control: highly authorized access to all treatments on a document (e.g.: reading, editing, versioning, status change),
  • Tracking and registering changes made to a document and its metadata,
  • Automatic document and metadata versioning,
  • Document Check in/Check out,
  • Reduction of space and storage costs,
  • Secure and fast access to e-Archive via the Internet.

Professional e-archive:

elliteq elliteq Arvest is your electronic archive

DMS is a professional system that enables efficient management of both digitally archived and physical documents. It reduces storage costs and access to documents and their content, guarantees data protection and enables fully controlled work with documents and their instant search and connected workflows.

Arvest is an ECM elliteq module that enables lifecycle management of any computer file (with DMS treated as a document) and scans paper documents and stores them with metadata in a secure electronic repository.



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Archive of your documentsArchive of your documents

Your documents at hand | Storage | Versioning
Archive of your documents is the first solution to the problems of difficult access to the documents. The second is ideal organization, and third is a completely new quality in the management of all documents.

Document archiving and managementDocument archiving and management

Storage | Organization | Search | OCR | FullText Search
Incredibly easy access to all documents in your company combined with an intelligent OCR and full-text search. The product also solves the problem of difficult access to documents

Archiving and annotating invoices + OCRArchiving and annotating invoices + OCR

Enhances invoices annotation | Forms | OCR
The process of handling incoming invoices implemented in electronic form in place of the current paper form is a guaranteed benefit

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Basic features


Safe and cheap

Once archived, document is never lost. With the creation of defined access authorization, the system guarantees that only authorized people can view the document. For each document, a metric containing its characteristics (based on the completed form) and key data is created. Ability to integrate with the ERP system opens up a new work quality of previously used business applications. The possibility of simultaneous access to a document by multiple users from any location is evident.

The intuitive interface of e-Archive

The clear and intuitive user interface is based on the hierarchical structure of the archive, where the user moves the tree systems of virtual directories (mapping known to its order cabinet, binders, and folders), quickly searching the necessary document with simple or advanced search mechanisms.

Multidimensional “tree connections”

Regardless of the position of the documents in the archive tree, ARVest allows you to create connections and references between documents in different folders, as well as between other system objects such as documents, workflows, users, folders, etc.

Inputting and searching for documents

For each archived document, an individual metric specific to the document type (invoices, contracts, offers, complaints, budget sheet…) is created. With this index data, it is possible to instantly locate the selected document by any defined criteria, such as name, type, creation date, author version, expiration date, status, entered barcode, project, contractor, etc.

Documents under lock and key (electronic)

Construction of Archive Server to guarantee safe storage of information, provide access control at document level, resources and processes, as well as encryption of resources and communication (SSL protocol, strong security keys). Documents in the ARVest repository may be authorized and secured a qualified digital signature. In necessary situations, the system gives authorized users the ability to export the selected part of the archive to an external directory.

Unique authorization mechanism

Access to documents and/or its metadata is achieved through detailed authorizations given to individual users or groups.. As a result, the document may have different degrees of confidentiality, depending on authorization.

Execution within legal standards

elliteq ARVest ensures the fulfilment of standards relating to the quality of management systems (procedures and documentation supervision, supervision of changes, complaints) and industry standards required in the economic activity carried out by the company and any other formal requirements.

Log event history, or who worked on the document

Each event connected with a document (e.g. preview, edit, versioning, metadata change, status change, save to disk…) is automatically registered and stored with a time stamp and user ID. As a result, there is no place for events or decisions anonymity in the company.



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