Who are we?

We produce and deliver modern and comprehensive IT solutions to liberate the potential of our customers. We specialize in systems supporting company management, business and system processes automation, and secure data archiving. Our teams of specialists successfully automate key processes in companies, optimizing them and greatly reducing the time and cost of daily activities. We are characterized by:


Experience – You expect cooperation only with reliable partners, as required by your business. Our experience dates back to 1994, which in the data processing and archiving automation probably gives us the longest history in Poland.

Punctuality – Your time is of utmost importance to us. We work efficiently and keep deadlines. We anticipate and prevent any possible delays in the implementation of the best solutions.

Flexibility – we tailor to the needs of your company so you can choose from a wide range of solutions, as well as our systems - offering extremely favorable value for money and proven solutions from our Partners. We can also implement in your company any unconventional solutions.

Our specialists have implemented IT solutions for over two decades. During this time, our secure products have become optimized including in terms of labour productivity growth and management improvement. We know that the success of any company consists of thousands of daily activities and decisions. Our solutions make them faster and more efficiently executed.

How do we work?

In order to ensure the highest quality of service, in the first stage of each project, we analyze the client’s needs. Then we select the best solution for them and carry out the personalization and optimization for full functionality. In the next stage, we implement custom solutions and provide training. At Client request, we further conducted the development of implemented solutions.

  • analysis

    of customer needs
  • selection

    best solutions
  • personalization

    and optimization
  • implementation

    and training
  • development

    on request

What do we use?

Based on the years of experience in systems integration, design, and implementation of IT solutions, we developed dedicated products supporting business processes in the company on the basis of flexible Enterprise Content Management copyright. These professional solutions enable any business comprehensive automation of workflow and reading documents, and all business processes - improving them, eliminating errors, increasing data security, and reducing costs. The structure of the system allows for the free expansion through four integrated modules.


ARVest - all documents in one secure place

Benefits:all documents in one secure place

  • The guarantee of safe storage of information,
  • Tracking and registering changes made to the document and its metadata,
  • Automatic document and metadata versioning,
  • Check in/Check out document,
  • Reduction of space and storage costs,
  • Secure and fast access to e-Archive via the internet.


FLOWer - document workflow

Benefits:electronic process flow of documents and workflow

  • Elimination of improvisation in action by organizing processes and sequencing tasks,
  • Increase productivity through access to relevant information and documents connected to the workflow,
  • Increasing the quality of work due to systemized repetitive processes,
  • Automatic time regime control and elimination of bottlenecks in the form of piled up tasks,
  • Workflow history registration and building a knowledge base on how to handle exceptions and precedents,
  • Reduce the time of implementation of new employees’ duties,
  • Auto notification and escalations to accelerate the pace of processes implementation,
  • Elimination of delays due to the definition of replacements or alternative paths.


SCANPORT - aided indexing system for large volumes of documents

Benefits:aided indexing system for large volumes of content

  • Significant acceleration and to facilitate scanning large quantities of documents
  • Comfortable environment to organize mass scanned document pages (grouping, splitting, deleting selected pages…),
  • Capturing images not only with scanning devices but also email, fax, and system folders,
  • Optimization of the volume and quality of archived document images,
  • Document image quality auto correction,
  • The possibility of collaboration with other users with the block function activated (only one user can edit the document at a time),
  • Indexing documents manually , by aided validators or with the help of OCR
  • Create a scan profiles library to perform any complicated processes of preparing the document for archiving e-Archives and launch the Workflow process,
  • Read barcodes and QR codes.


FLEXer - intelligent content interpretation and automatic reading

Benefits:intelligent content interpretation and automatic reading

  • Automatic construction the database of the intelligent document template,
  • Elimination of the keyboard from the process of describing the document,
  • Auto finding the right content for the appropriate document metric fields,
  • Configurability of rules to read each field index through the use of regular expressions or elimination of unnecessary characters.


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